Department 56 - Alpine Village Listed By Name

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The Alpine Village Series was added to the Heritage Village Collection in 1986. Each of these lighted pieces are designed to reflect the essence of towns in the Bavarian regions.

Below is the list of items showing how many have sold on eBay in the last 90 days
and how many current auctions are underway. You can then click on an item to see more detail.
The detail will show the price the item was ultimately sold for, or the current bid.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number eBay
A Head of Cheese2001200356.5630531
A Little House Music201420154036486130
A New Batch of Christmas Friends1997200056.56175152
Alpen Woolen Mill20164050904183
Alpenhorn Player Alpine Village Sign1995200156.56182212
Alpenhorn Serenade20144042391200
Alpine Academy Of Music2003200656.5623230
Alpine Church1987199156.65412215
Alpine Clock Tower20112011402017040
Alpine Elementary School2005200656.5623610
Alpine Nativity20134030341173
Alpine Santa2006200756.5632101
Alpine Shops1992199756.56189171
Alpine Ski Lodge20164050903142
Alpine Sleigh Ride20142015403648880
Alpine Traveling Band2005200856.5631940
Alpine Village1986199656.654045811
Alpine Village Sign1987199356.65714284
Alpine Villagers1999200556.562153212
Alpine Villagers1986199256.6542070
Altstadter Bierstube2000200556.56218100
Apotek and Tabak19861997123
At The Octoberfest2000200556.5630242
Ave Maria Chapel20134030337122

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