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The Dickens’ Village Series was first released in 1984. These delightful pieces were designed to capture the spirit of an English Victorian Christmas.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Holly-Tree Inn20102010401690091
Romantic Getaway20102010401690010
The Hoops201120124020181122
Potts Pub20112013402018261
Joseph Edward Tea Shoppe20114020183203
Boar's Bacon & Candied Hams20112012402018431
Bluebird Cottage20112012402018591
Berkshire Downs Cricket Club201120114020186181
Dickens Clock Tower20112011402019122
Pub Patrons20112017402019202
Chelsea Market Tea Monger20114020194154
Caramelized Bacon - A Holiday Tradition20112012402019580
Listening For The Ocean201120124020196111
Awaiting The Umpires Call201120114020197203
Hold On Tight20112012402019881
The Church At Cornhill20112013402094512
Scrooge's Merry Christmas20112013402094611
Stocking Up20112012402198022
A Merry Christmas, Bob20112011402361210
The Smoking Bishop201120114023612102
Anglesey Cottage20112013402362402
A Fairytale Romance20112013402362551
The Partridge & Pear20124025253235
Chiswick Brewery20122013402525441
Brandon Mill20124025255151
Evan Hoyt Sponge Dealer201220124025256123
Devon Brook Span Cottage20122013402525760
Royal Mail, Devon20122014402525851
Devonshire Creamery20122013402525940
A Night On London Town20122014402526100
Chiswick Brewboy20122013402526220
Champion Herding Dog20122014402526330
The Sponge Seller20122012402526441
Just In Time For Lunch20122013402526531
Devon Postmaster20122013402526611
Churning Temptation20122013402526701
Buying One for Posterity20122013402526890
Seconds For All20122012402869800
Stratford Holiday Pies & Tarts20122012402869820
Church of St. Alban20122013402869900
The Baptism Of Charles Dickens20122013402870062
Strawberry Cottage20132014403035660
Arabella's Millinery201320154030357101
Miss Lavender's Soaps & Sachet20132014403035881
C.D. Boz Ink & Pen Co.20132014403035951
Six Jolly Fellowship Porters2013403036091
Camden Coffee House20132015403036120
Balmoral Lodge20132015403036271
New Hats For The Jubilee20132014403036411
Scent Of The Day20132014403036572
Thank You, Mr. Dickens201320144030366150
Sweet Pickings20132014403036760
A Jolly Good Tune20132017403036891
A Proper Cup Of Coffee20132014403037212
Estate Planning201320134030373143
See Dickens' London20132014403037431
Dickens Accepts The Queen's "Highland Journal" 20132014403037560
Purrfect Treats20132014403069930
Dickens Nativity20134030700160
Holiday Special Tegan's Toy Shoppe20132013403556630
Tegan's Accessory Set20132013403556740
Ewart Public Library20132014403556910
Bringing Dickens Home201320144035570152
Dovington Chapel20142015403650720
Hampshire Solicitor20142015403650870
Hampshire Sweeps201420174036509111
Straw Duck Pub20142015403651050
Punch & Judy Theatre201420144036511120
Off To The Festivities201420154036515103
Minding Village Business20142015403651680
Lucky Day For a Sweep201420174036517121
Making Ready for a Full House201420154036518131
Saturdays With Punch & Judy20132014403651971
Caroling By Lamplight20144036520110
Dickens' Carriage Ride20142015403652182
Holiday Adventure20142015403652280
Nephew Fred's Home20144036525131
Christmas A Humbug, Uncle20144036526123
Blindman's Buff201420164036527210
Dickens' Village, The Magic Of Christmas20142014404239710
The Three Hens Market20142015404239810
Helping Mother Hen201420154042399161
Frost Fair Pavilion20142015404478491
Sledding At The Fair20152016404478862
Frost Fair Pavilion20142014404480412
Frost Fair Sled & Sleigh Rentals201520164044805130
Olde Vine Cottage20152017404480642
Four Calling Birds Shoppe20152017404480760
The Sword & The Shield20152016404480890
Essex Road Fencing Academy201520154044809101
Lily Bros. Gazing Balls20152016404481060
Old Joe's Beetling Shop20152016404481121
A Bundle For Old Joe's Consideration20152016404481201
Waiting In The Parlor For Old Joe2015404481361
Frost Fair Skaters20152016404481400
Sledding At The Fair20142014404481520
Warm And Cozy Tonight20152016404481620
An Evening Stroll201520164044817133
Dickens' Town Tree2015404482071
Lighting The Lane2015404482130
London Town Crier20152017404482272
Gazing Ball Reflections20152016404482370
Dickens' Village, The Sounds of Christmas20152015404919620
Five Gold Rings Engraver20152016404919762
Dickens Village String Trio20152015404919810
Long Live The Queen20152016404919962
Anniversary Gazebo, Dickens' Village, Cheers To 40 Years!20152016405092671
The Six Geese Bedding & Down20162016405092760
Frost Fair Roasted Ox201620164050928100
The London Gallery201620174050929113
The Duke's Wheel Cheese Shoppe20162017405093061
Kings Cakes201620164050931145
The Harbourmaster House20162017405093292
Letters To Santa, Dickens20162016405093421
The Perfect Pillow201620164050935112
Frost Fair Treat20162016405093670
Rossetti and His Muse201620174050937112
Cheese Samples For All2016405093851
Twelfth Night Temptation20162016405093971
From Across The Pond20162016405094041
Fezziwig's Holiday Dance20162017405094473
A Dance With Belle2016405094600
Foxmore Cottage20162017405477543
Dickens' Village, Christmas Sweets20162016405496110133
The Swan & Trumpet201620174054962142
St. Clive's In The Dell201620174054963105
Dickens' Village, Sidewalk Sweets20162016405496400
Swan & Trumpet Beer Wagon20162017405496531
First Christmas Eve Service20162017405496652
Criterion Magic Lantern Theatr201720174056633143
Eight Milkmaids Crock201720174056634105
Comb's Honey Cottage20174056635101
The Merry Fir Advent Wreaths2017405663695
The Oxford Arcade201720174056637103
Holiday Cab Ride2017405663870
Olde Bramling Oast House20172017405663982
The Amazing Magic Lantern Show20174056640115
Victorian Milk Maid20172017405664173
Honey Harvest2017405664272
Ladies Auxiliary Brass Band20172017405664373
The Hansom Cab Co.2017405664482
Turnabout Is Fair Play201720174056645113
Oast House Hop Harvest20172017405664672
Xmas Carol Poulterers Shop Set2017405664871
Dickens' Village Holiday Special Home For The Holidays Set20172017405937972
Great Yarmouth Light2017405938030
Yarmouth's Discovery Bay20174059381100

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