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The Dickens’ Village Series was first released in 1984. These delightful pieces were designed to capture the spirit of an English Victorian Christmas.

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Released: 1984
Year Released Year Retired Collection eBay
Abel Beesley Butcher19841988Dickens' Village Series105
Abel Beesley Butcher19841988Dickens' Village Series10
Bean & Son Smithy Shop19841988Dickens' Village Series133
Bean & Son Smithy Shop19841988Dickens' Village Series10
Candle Shop19841988Dickens' Village Series63
Candle Shop19841988Dickens' Village Series01
Carolers Set Of 319841990Dickens' Village Accessories2916
Crowntree Inn19841988Dickens' Village Series153
Crowntree Inn19841988Dickens' Village Series10
Golden Swan Baker19841988Dickens' Village Series85
Golden Swan Baker19841988Dickens' Village Series10
Green Grocer19841988Dickens' Village Series2311
Green Grocer19841988Dickens' Village Series10
Jones & Co. Brush & Basket Shop19841988Dickens' Village Series52
Jones & Co. Brush & Basket Shop19841988Dickens' Village Series10
Mini Dickens Kenilworth Castle19841988Dickens' Village Series00
Mini Dickens, Manor, Abbey19841988Dickens' Village Series00
Miniature Dicken's Cottages19841988Dickens' Village Series00
Miniature Dickens19841988Dickens' Village Series10
Miniature Dickens Christmas Carol19841988Dickens' Village Series00
Miniature Dickens Lane Shops19841988Dickens' Village Series12
Miniature Dickens Train Station19841989Dickens' Village Series00
Miniature Original Shops of Dickens' Village19841988Dickens' Village Series00
The Original Shops Of Dickens' Village19841988Dickens' Village Series1512

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