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Department 56 - Snowbabies Listed By Collection

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Snowbabies were introduced to the world in 1986 and are the creation of Kristi Jensen Pierro

The overall collection is made up of the Snowbabies Classic Collection, Ornaments, Snow Dreams, Sentiments, Pewter Miniatures, and the Guest collection.

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Collection: Snowbabies
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
12 Days French Hens201421
2008 Bitty Baby Assortment200720080
56 Shades of Pink201320142
A Child Is Born200935
A Difficult Choice201020111
A Gift For You200020003
A Grinchy Tale20150
A Halloween Friend200342
A Home For The Holidays2015201766
A Kiss For Luck20140
A Little Extra T-L-C20140
A Little One To Love20140
A Pair Of Pelicans201320143
A Pint Cures All200920122
A Smile To Treasure Always200320030
A Story To Tell20131
A Sweet Duet201120121
A Three Scoop Lunch201120132
A Winter's Nap201320142
Abigail Stocking Ornament200620081
Accessorize Ornament20151
Add A Little Sparkle201120121
Advice From An Expert Ornament20141
Advise From An Expert201020122
Ahh The Sun!201320140
Aidan Stocking Ornament200620082
Alex Stocking Ornament200620082
Alexis Stocking Ornament200620080
All Wrapped In Bows Ornament20140
Almost Grown Up200920110
Alyssa Stocking Ornament200620081
Amanda Stocking Ornament200620080
An Angel To Look Over You201020120
And Baby Makes 3201120132
And God Bless Me Ornament20151
And The Rain Came, Noah201220147
Andrea Stocking Ornament200620080
Andrew Stocking Ornament200620080
Angel Dreams Ornament20150
Angel in My Pocket Orn201120112
Angel Kisses201520172
Angel Medallion Ornaments, 3A20150
Angel of Joy201220140
Angel of My Heart20110
Angel of Peace20144
Anna Stocking Ornament200620081
Anthony Stocking Ornament200620080
Are You A Wishing Star?201320141
Ashley Stocking Ornament200620080
Austin Stocking Ornament200620081
Ava Stocking Ornament200620080
Babies In Bethlehem201020120
Baby Acorn Ornament20140
Baby Blossoms Ornament20152
Baby Blossoms, set of 220141
Baby Boy Bootie201120131
Baby Cakes20155
Baby Cones Ornaments, 4a201420140
Baby Girl Bootie201120131
Baby In Wreath Ornament, 2a20140
Baby Needs New Shoes201120125
Baby's 1st Christmas Orn201426
Baby's 1st Christmas Stocking Ornament200620080
Baby's 1st Ornament201530
Baby's First Christmas Ornament, 2010200920100
Baby's First Ornament, 2011201120110
Baby's First Ornament, 2014201420140
Baby's First Steps - Boy201020110
Baby's First Steps - Girl201020110
Bait & Wait20150
Baking In Kitchen With Santa20150
Bear Back Ride2012201311
Bear Cubs, Collectible Animal201220120
Bearly Awake20150
Beneath The Christmas Star201410
Benjamin Stocking Ornament200620080
Best Friends Stocking Ornament200620080
Big Bear Hug200920120
Big Brother20152
Bird Clip On Ornament20148
Bird Feeder20144
Bitty Baby Boy - 2008200720080
Bitty Baby Girl - 2008200720080
Bitty Baby Love Is A Baby Boy200620080
Blake Stocking Ornament200620080
Blank Stocking Ornament200620082
Bless Creatures Large & Small20150
Bless The Beast20152
Blessings From Above20151
Brandon Stocking Ornament200620080
Brianna Stocking Ornament200620080
Brooke Stocking Ornament200620081
Bunny, It's Cold Outside201220131
But I Can Explain201120121
Caleb Stocking Ornament200620080
Camel Kisses201320141
Cameron Stocking Ornament200620080
Can I Open It Now?1993199370
Can You Hear Me Now?201320142
Caroling With Minnie20069
Cat Tails20151
Check Out My Move!200520051
Child of God Ornament20152
Chilly Chick Chat201220134
Chilly Chick Chat Ornament20140
Chilly Commute20141
Chloe Stocking Ornament200620081
Christmas Coupe20134
Christmas Dreams2011201269
Christmas Gift Personalized Ornament Program200820090
Christmas Gift Sentiment Program200820090
Christmas Greetings Sign201320132
Christmas In Bloom201420151
Christmas Morning Surprise Orn20140
Christmas Splendor201320130
Christmas Sweaters20152
Christopher Stocking Ornament200620082
Chubby Chipmunk Cocoa201520170
Coffee Talk20150
Cole Stocking Ornament200620080
Collectible Animal, Fox, 2 Asst20140
Collectible Deer201120113
Collectible Penguin, 2010201020101
Collectible Rabbit, 2 Asst201320142
Come Skate With Me201220132
Comforting Words Ornament201220130
Connor Stocking Ornament200620080
Cookie Tester20151
Courtney Stocking Ornament200620080
Cream Sequin Poinsettia Stem20140
Cream Trees, Set of 3, 2012201220121
Cuddle Monkeys201220140
Dancing With The Stars201320143
Daniel Stocking Ornament200620081
Danielle Stocking Ornament200620080
David Stocking Ornament200620081
Day At The Spa201320140
Decorating The Tree2011201113
Diamonds Are Forever201320140
Difficulty On Ice201220146
Dining With A King201320140
DIY Holly20151
Do You Believe In Magic?201020121
Dog Days of Winter20132
Dog Sledding200920113
Doggone Cute Ornament20140
Dolphin Tricks201220130
Don't Panic20154
Double Happiness20150
Double Latte Day201220145
Dream Bird Cage20140
Dream Glitter Barn Set201120122
Dream Glitter Church Set201120123
Dream Glitter House Set201120121
Dream Snowman2012201322
Dream Trunk & Tops20140
Drifting Into Dreamland201220143
Dylan Stocking Ornament200620082
Easy Baker20150
Elf On The Shelf Gives A Gift201520170
Elf On The Shelf Helps Santa201520170
Elf On The Shelf Listens Story201520190
Elizabeth Stocking Ornament200620080
Ella Stocking Ornament200620080
Emily Stocking Ornament200620081
Emma Stocking Ornament200620080
Erin Stocking Ornament200620081
Ethan Stocking Ornament200620081
Evan Stocking Ornament200620080
Extra Special Delivery2001200174
Extra Toasty20140
Eye To Eye201320146
Fa La La Frills20140
Fashionably Late201320142
Favorite Teacher Stocking Ornament200620082
First Steps Ornament20153
First To The Finish2000200125
Fishing For Love201220135
Flash Drive20131
Flight Prep201020124
Flutters And Flowers Figurine200638
Fly With Me2011201318
Forever & Ever201120112
Fresh Fallen Snow200920112
Friends Come Rain or Shine Waterglobe20091
Friends Forever Stocking Ornament200620080
From God Orn201120118
From God Ornament, 2010200920100
Frosted Scene Ornament, 2A201320140
Frosty Frolic Friend201320140
Full Of Joy Ornament20140
Fun With Frosty The Snowman200366
Gabrielle Stocking Ornament200620080
Geese A Laying201523
Girls and Curls Ornament200920111
Glass Ornament W Bow, 2 A201320132
Glitter Scroll w/ Dots Orn 2a201420140
Glittery Tree w. Snow Dust Med20140
Glittery Tree w/ Snow Dust Lrg20140
Glittery Tree w/ Snow Dust, Sm20140
Go Ahead, Lean On Me200720103
God Bless You200720098
Goddess of Chocolate201120133
Goddess Of Chocolate Ornament20140
Gold Ball Ornament201520176
Gold Star Ornament2007200813
Golden Rings201579
Gone Fishing Ornament201517
Goodnight Prayers Angel201220142
Grace Stocking Ornament200620080
Grandma Loves Me Stocking Ornament200620080
Grandma Thinks I'm Perfect201220142
Green Lit Tree20141
Green Sisal Tree20071
Green Sisal Tree, Lg200720080
Green Sisal Trees, St/320150
Grow In Grace20150
Grown For Christmas201520171
Guess Who?20150
Hailey Stocking Ornament200620080
Hannah Stocking Ornament200620080
Happily Ever After2014201512
Happy Birthday To Me! 200620084
Happy Birthday To Me! Assortment200620080
Happy Birthday To You Sentiment Box200220033
Happy Heart20153
Happy Holly-Days20142
Hear, Speak, See Ornaments 3A20152
Heavenly Chorus20131
Heavenly Music201220130
Heigh-Ho Waterglobe/Music Box199719991
Hold On Tight201120120
Holiday Drummer200313
Holiday Hoopla20140
Holiday Mail Ornament20150
Holly Berry Ornament2013201435
Holly Deer201320141
Holly Leaf Ball Ornament201420140
Home Sweet Home201520171
House Facade, Set Of 2201320130
Hunter Stocking Ornament200620080

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