Department 56 - Dickens Village Listed By Name

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The Dickens’ Village Series was first released in 1984. These delightful pieces were designed to capture the spirit of an English Victorian Christmas.

Below is the list of items showing how many have sold on eBay in the last 90 days
and how many current auctions are underway. You can then click on an item to see more detail.
The detail will show the price the item was ultimately sold for, or the current bid.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection eBay
A Basket Full of Blooms20032005Dickens' Village Accessories44
A Boxing Day Tradition20042006Dickens' Village Accessories31
A Bundle For Old Joe's Consideration20152016Dickens' Village Accessories02
A Busy Day In Town20032006Dickens' Village Accessories32
A Caroling We Shall Go20042007Dickens' Village Accessories21
A Christmas Beginning2002Dickens' Village Accessories228
A Christmas Carol Reading By Charles Dickens19962001Dickens' Village Accessories89
A Christmas Carol Reading By Charles Dickens19961997Dickens' Village Series80
A Christmas Carol Visit2001Dickens' Village Accessories249
A Dance With Belle2016Dickens' Village Accessories00
A Dickens Book Signing20082011Dickens' Village Accessories12
A Fairytale Romance20112013Dickens' Village Accessories31
A Family Tradition20012002Dickens' Village Accessories14
A Fine Batch of Gin20052009Dickens' Village Accessories50
A Fine Shoe Shine20052007Dickens' Village Accessories22
A Gentleman and Lady20022009Dickens' Village Accessories31
A Good Day's Catch19992000Dickens' Village Accessories274
A Jolly Good Tune20132017Dickens' Village Accessories111
A Merry Christmas, Bob20112011Dickens' Village Accessories10
A Night On London Town20122014Dickens' Village Accessories00
A Partridge In A Pear Tree-#I19951999Dickens' Village Accessories3711
A Peaceful Glow On Christmas Eve19942003Dickens' Village Accessories268
A Proper Cup Of Coffee20132014Dickens' Village Accessories30
A Rare Find20022004Dickens' Village Accessories55
A Story For The Children20032005Dickens' Village Accessories96
A Toast To Our Anniversary20042005Dickens' Village Accessories41
A Treasure From The Sea19992001Dickens' Village Accessories3110
A Warm Welcome2018Dickens' Village Series80
A.G. Scott Hats & Walking Sticks20052008Dickens' Village Series152
Abbey Lane Chocolates20072007Dickens' Village Series12
Abel Beesley Butcher19841988Dickens' Village Series105
Abel Beesley Butcher19841988Dickens' Village Series10
Abel Beesley Butcher - Anniversary Edition20082010Dickens' Village Series30
Abington Bridge20002003Dickens' Village Accessories116
Abington Canal20002003Dickens' Village Accessories63
Abington Canal Boat20002002Dickens' Village Accessories126
Abington Lockkeeper's Residence20002002Dickens' Village Series154
Abington Locks20002003Dickens' Village Accessories84
Abington Lockside Inn20002003Dickens' Village Series106
Admiral's House, Queens Port20052006Dickens' Village Series42
Advertising A Reading By Mr. Dickens20052006Dickens' Village Accessories10
Aldeburgh Music Box Shop19992000Dickens' Village Series1710
Aldeburgh Music Box Shop Gift Set 19992000Dickens' Village Series3012
Ale Mates19982004Dickens' Village Accessories46
All Saints Church20032005Dickens' Village Series146
All The World's A Stage20022003Dickens' Village Accessories00
An Afternoon On Ice20102011Dickens' Village Accessories31
An Artist At Work20082009Dickens' Village Accessories01
An Elegant Evening Out2018Dickens' Village Series80
An Elegant Ride20012009Dickens' Village Accessories73
An Evening Stroll20152016Dickens' Village Accessories133
Anglesey Cottage20112013Dickens' Village Series20
Anniversary Gazebo, Dickens' Village, Cheers To 40 Years!20152016Dickens' Village Series41
Antiquarian Bookseller20022004Dickens' Village Series27
Arabella's Millinery20132015Dickens' Village Series91
Ashbury Inn19911995Dickens' Village Series10826
Ashley Pond Skating Party19971999Dickens' Village Accessories84
Ashwick Lane Gift Set20002000Dickens' Village Series00
Ashwick Lane Hose & Ladder19972005Dickens' Village Series269
At The Fire House20002000Dickens' Village Accessories00
Awaiting The Umpires Call20112011Dickens' Village Accessories216

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