Department 56 - Dickens Village Listed By Name

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The Dickens’ Village Series was first released in 1984. These delightful pieces were designed to capture the spirit of an English Victorian Christmas.

Below is the list of items showing how many have sold on eBay in the last 90 days
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection eBay
Gad's Hill Place19961997Dickens' Village Series18524
Gad's Hill Place Ornament19971997Dickens' Village Series362
Gate House19921992Dickens' Village Series13212
Gazing Ball Reflections20152016Dickens' Village Series113
Geo. Weeton Watchmaker19881993Dickens' Village Series11021
Get Your Spices 'Ere!20042007Dickens' Village Series105
Getting The Christmas Yule Log20092015Dickens' Village Series31
Ghost Of Christmas Present Visits Scrooge20012001Dickens' Village Series55
Giggelswick Mutton & Ham19941997Dickens' Village Series16619
Gingerbread Vendor19962001Dickens' Village Series4110
Glendun Cocoa Works20002003Dickens' Village Series1916
Glensford School20082012Dickens' Village Series11
God Bless Us Every One19972000Dickens' Village Series220
Golden Swan Baker19841988Dickens' Village Series209
Golden Swan Baker - Anniversary Edition20082010Dickens' Village Series10
Gourmet Chocolates Delivery Wagon20002003Dickens' Village Series146
Great Denton Mill19931997Dickens' Village Series15626
Great Expectations Satis Manor19982001Dickens' Village Series569
Great Yarmouth Light2017Dickens' Village Series41
Green Gate Cottage19891990Dickens' Village Series388
Green Grocer19841988Dickens' Village Series407
Green Grocer - Anniversary Edition20092010Dickens' Village Series50
Green's Park Nosegays20032005Dickens' Village Series110
Guarding The Castle20042006Dickens' Village Series94
Gunnersbury Park Folly20032003Dickens' Village Series174

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